Tinkerbell Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The tinkerbell tattoos mean various things to the tattoo wearer.

Such character symbolizes the magic that she symbolizes or it expresses the appreciation of the memory of a child.

Colourful Tinkerbell shoulder tattoo

Most of the people who have Tinkerbell tattoos make use of an exact duplicate of the version of Disney which is a tiny blond fairy dressed in green either sitting thoughtfully or in flight with crossed legs and with the fist placed firmly under the chin.

Light Tinkerbell tattoo

Others prefer the more simple character version like outline creation and just filling the lines with colour schemes in monotone.

Tinkerbell black outline tattoo

There are many tattoo artists who form different Tinkerbell illustrations.

Some characters are shown in blue shade that is standing always with look that is determined and her hands are firmly placed on her hips.

Tinkerbell arm tattoo

There is also a fairy portrayal that is more childlike with small round cheeks and big pointed ears with a naughty grin on her face.

There are also patina and bronze fairy statues. In this depiction, the fairy is always displayed balancing on the fingertip of Peter Pan.

Such images may be rendered into your Tinkerbell tattoos.

These tattoo creations are either big or small and are bold for the designs with imaginative colours.

Tinkerbell belly tattoo

There are many people who prefer to utilize other symbols in their Tinkerbell tattoos.

One of the common images is Tinkerbell scattering her fairy dust.

But she has been portrayed also as a small spoiled girl with a Halloween pumpkin or even dancing with dolls that are life-sized.

Tinkerbell and flower tattoo

Tinkerbell tattoos always present items like hearts, flowers and at times flames.

It is common to view changed Tinkerbell character versions like the Goth Tinkerbell.

She may be viewed in striped black and red stockings, grey wings that are cracked and with a tattoo herself.

Tinkerbell on the moon tattoo

Another character variation is the pinup Tinkerbell which is a curvier Tinkerbell version who has fishnet stockings and lipstick that is bright red and also has an expression of come hither.

Watercolour Tinkerbell tattoo

There are varied methods to display the Tinkerbell tattoos.

No matter what your decision in having it done, you will really attract attention with these tattoos.