Toe Ring Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The toe ring tattoos became very well-known lately.

People love to put accessories on their feet using different items like rings, nail polish, ankle bracelets and other items that people like to try on their feet.

The toe ring tattoos is becoming an upcoming trend in the tattoo world and seems like these tattoos are here to remain.

Celtic toe ring tattoo

The toe ring tattoo may offer some advantages on wearing a regular toe ring.

Let us take this chance to study the differences between two to be able to demonstrate why the toe ring tattoos are becoming more well-known each day.

Butterfly toe ring tattoo
  • Say farewell to labour. You have to clean regularly any jewellery piece including toe rings. No required labour is done with a toe ring tattoo. After having your toe ring tattoo done there is very minimal maintenance afterwards, same with other tattoo. And then you do not have to worry about cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of your toe ring and also not forgetting of putting it back on.
Iris flower toe ring tattoo
  • A toe ring tattoo brings comfort. If you wear a toe ring previously you will know just how painful and difficult they can be. Even if your toe ring looks good on your foot you will never get over the difficult situation you are in every time you wear your toe ring. The toe rings are known to be causing awkwardness. However people are always more than willing to deal with the particular discomfort for the ego boost trade off that a toe ring may give. The toe ring tattoos may finish the desired look without dealing with the anxiety that a regular toe ring will bring.
Moon and sun toe ring tattoos
  • The toe ring tattoos are here to stay. It is really obvious that the toe ring tattoos are really advantageous over the regular toe ring. As soon as you have your toe ring tattoo, it will be there forever. This may be important since the toe ring always makes you inconvenient to use it and does not fit you perfectly. This does not always happen and people in general will purchase bigger toe rings and in the end you may tend to lose them. The possible reasons of losing your toe rings are when you play volleyball, or when you walk at the beach or when you run in saddles. The toe ring tattoo’s advantage of being permanent is you will indeed not lose it. There are many people that remove their toe rings to clean them or maybe it will cause discomfort. But as soon as your toe ring is removed you have to remember where you placed it and bear in mind also to put it back on. The toe ring tattoos will really remove these problems.
Toe ring tattoos

With all the discussed aspects, the toe ring tattoos may be able to finish everything a normal toe ring can do without providing any discomfort or having to worry about losing it and worry about putting it on.

Are Toe Ring Tattoos Fading?

Tiny flower toe ring tattoo

The tattoos fade for a specified period of time and it is a fact. In general, the toe ring tattoos quickly fade than the tattoos on other body parts. The reason is because when you wear your socks or shoes the skin will have some moisture and will eventually lean to the skin’s slough off. With the presence of the toe ring tattoos there is a possibility that it will be more hassle to care for it. The fresh tattoos should be left open in the air and with toe ring tattoos this may not be always easy.

Toe rings with mandalas on feet tattoo

If you are planning on having a toe ring tattoo it is best not to have the design go full around your toe. Your toe’s top part will look okay and look accomplished as desired. If you arrive at a decision to have your toe ring tattoo around your full toe, always be aware that the deterioration you will have on your feet will make the fading of your bottom faster.

Little tribal toe ring tattoo

The Pain of Having Toe Ring Tattoos

Each person has their own level of threshold for pain and some people say that the toe ring tattoos are generally painful as compared with other body parts that they have had tattooed.

But the tattoo is harmless and worth it when you have it already.

Bear in mind that the toe ring tattoos are easy to start with while it is being worked upon. If you are ticklish, try not to.