Turtle Tattoo Ideas & Designs

It looks strange to some people on why a person would like a turtle done on their body.

But the turtle tattoos are said to represent patience, wisdom and longevity, thus having it on your body makes sense.

Polynesian turtle tattoo

There are many turtle tattoos that display this creature realistically ranging from a brown head and shells with limbs ranging in colour from yellow and green to different shades or brown and red.

Turtle as lotus flower tattoo

Some may select to brighten up their turtle tattoos by making use of bold sea coloured blues, light purples and neon greens.

It is also ordinary to view a turtle with its regular shape and with different symbols placed on the shell like peace, flowers and yin yang signs.

Watercolour turtle tattoo

The turtle tattoos may be placed by themselves or within particular scenery.

There are many stories that go with the turtle and these stories may be utilized to form outstanding pictures.

One instance is the myth that the Earth is transported on the big turtle’s back.

Black and white turtle tattoo

You may be able to portray the turtle floating below the ocean’s surface with a big forest on its shell.

You may also display the turtle with its back in front of the onlooker.

This portrayal may be very detailed with small cities and towns, forests, animals and forests.

Turtle back tattoo in colour

There are many people who prefer to add flavor on their turtle tattoos by combining the turtle with such other creatures.

Some ordinary combinations include the dragons that breathe fire or the angels with wings and at times the grinning demons.

Another change is the calligraphy and tribal designs which may vary.

Black turtle tattoo

But these are the same with the dark and sharp lines.

The tribal style will always display the head that is well-rounded and pointed fins with such detailed design on the back.

The calligraphy approach displays sweeping strokes that looks like it is printed from a pen in a direct manner.

Flowery turtle tattoo

There are many people who prefer to make use of the style of a cartoon in their turtle tattoos.

Some of the people prefer to utilize something similar to a comic strip which has a big grin and eyes that are almost detached with a big shell.

There may also be some props like the crowns, boxing gloves and homes that are transported on their back.

Light turtle leg tattoo

If you like to have a connection with these peaceful creatures or you just like some reptiles to connect with your very own personality, the turtle tattoos are such an extraordinary method to express yourself.