Unicorn Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The unicorns symbolize our fantasies.

They serve as a symbol of one of the different creatures in a magical and peaceful existence that we are dreaming about.

The person who prefers the unicorn tattoos may just desire the world that these figures belong to.

Unicorn with flowers thigh tattoo

The unicorn tattoos symbolize the dominance struggle in human nature.

In most tales of folklore, it is very not possible to pet the unicorn.

Watercolour unicorn tattoo

The picture of one with the head on the lap of a blue and white maiden may be a fabulous method to convey this idea.

Another interesting method to portray such an image is of the unicorn running wildly from a broken chain with the same maiden on its back.

Unicorn mosaic tattoo

The unicorn tattoos will always present bright colours always in purple, pink and even light blue shades.

Many of such tattoos display the unicorn’s portrait inside a magical forest, at times the unicorn is in mid-gallop or at times standing still perfectly and staring at the onlooker.

Many people like to utilize a bust portrait thus permitting a specific details amount on the horn or mane or the unicorn’s expression.

Unicorn under rainbow tattoo

The unicorn tattoos may portray a creature that looks very real or something that is not so natural.

An instance is the Victorian carousel horse.

With an elongated body that is not ordinary or head with other exaggerated features, such unicorns may have a bit of detail and colour.

Cute unicorn tattoo

Their mane is flowing and long or bears a slight wave.

They may have a spiral and detailed pattern or may be silky and smooth.

They may even contain a bold pattern in the form of a checkerboard to the fur and hooves and sharp golden horn.

Unicorn arm tattoo

There are many people who like to have unicorn tattoos that display many fantasy figures.

Some of the images that would contribute to make fabulous designs may be a racing unicorn with a Pegasus partnering with a centaur or go in battle with a dragon.

In mythology, the unicorn said to be fighting with the lion.

Unicorn outline tattoo

The unicorn represents the spring season and the lion represents the summer season.

Every year they would fight for the season’s supremacy.

You may try to form a clear picture in this representation with the unicorn in the setting of spring with flowers blooming all around and the lion in a summer scene with a bright sun at its back.

Unicorn sketch tattoo

The unicorn tattoos may be a version for the adults.

The unicorns usually symbolize the innocence of the baby and innocence is maintained in most fantasies and even innocence of a major number of fantasies.

These tattoos may just be an outward expression of the same.