Urban Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The urban tattoos not like a major number of body art have the tendency to represent very little as they are just an aesthetic style.

Urban graffiti tattoo

But you are given infinite choices whenever the details need to be filled in using this unique style which may be able to assist you relay the rich story on your own.

Urban shoulder tattoo

The big idea behind such urban tattoos is to duplicate the picture images found on the streets or in art or on cars.

For instance the urban tattoos usually display scrawling script that looks like a graffiti wherein quotes, names and dates are stated boldly.

Urban scrawl tattoo

Others may also be displayed in the style of a mural.

Such designs usually combine the images based on the judgment of importance to the wearer like the political figures, family members and classic stars.

These pictures have the tendency to be merged with other items like oceans, trees and flowers.

At times geometrical patterns are also used. Such design is colourful even if they may be done in monotone colours with colour bursts to make the scene worthy to look at.

Old school gangster tattoo

Some of the urban tattoos make use of a design with the same appearance to airbrush art and usually utilize same symbols.

Generally such a style looks like with a light haze all over the surroundings with the unclear lines and colours that are highly saturated that unite together to be able to form such a bold image.

Urban arm tattoo

The dragons, clowns and religious figures are some of the ordinary images for this tattoo.

The clowns are done in the style of a modern gangster and a smoking cigar between the lips and cash in the collar may be present.

Spray paint can tattoo

There are many urban tattoos that display people.

Many tattoos display the old fashioned and modern gangster.

There are also at times archetype versions that feature a pin up style model.

They are usually done in monotone or red shades and display symbols like handcuffs, cars or currency symbols.

Urban arm tattoo

The skeletons and skulls are shown on a regular basis in these designs and may display a skeleton resting against a car dressed in a suit and fedora or an arm covering a poorly dressed vixen and with a cigarette in one hand and a drink in one hand.

They may display also the skull wearing a hat with dollar signs in the eyes with wheels that are screeching and shooting flames from behind.

Urban chest and shoulder tattoo

The nice thing about urban tattoos is that you have such a style that is remarkable that you may bend and meld into your own meaning.

Such designs may relay anything about who you really are, where you came from and where you would like to go to.

They may also make for detailed and beautiful conversation starters that are unique.