Vampire Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The vampires have the tendency to represent power not of this world, the sensuality and all the not so known qualities of life.

But the vampire tattoos are one of the unique pieces.

With their enduring appeal, it is therefore possible that one day they may be the leader in the genre of horror tattoo.

Female vampire arm tattoo

There are many vampire tattoos that portray one of the most familiar history characters which is Dracula.

There are many different methods to portray Dracula who is a refined gentleman with back hair in a slick manner, with fangs and cape and even a tailored suit.

Colourful vampire tattoo

The Nosferatu image is such a well-known portrayal.

The vampire bears an appeal that is preternatural as compared with its counterpart.

He is covered in dull suit and appears like a bat with pointed long ears, front teeth and nails, bald head and eyes with dark lines.

Male vampire tattoo

Both portrayals may be displayed alone in a scene or in a portrait.

For example there are scenes displaying the vampire with his face near the neck of a sleeping woman or there will be a character becoming a wolf or a bat or being destroyed by the sun’s bright rays.

A single extraordinary idea is to make use of the Nosferatu outline thus giving the shadow’s appearance that is moving separately.

Laughing vampire tattoo

The vampire tattoos do not need to portray the vampire at all.

It is common for the people to make use of items like fanged bat, or bite marks that are bleeding, or a vampire skull or a hand lifting slowly the coffin’s lid.

Vampire arm tattoo

Another appealing idea is to display the vampire’s image looking closely at a mirror that bares nothing of his own reflection.

You may also try to form a lady vampire.

Vampire shoulder tattoo

These designs are the same with the gothic rendition of a pin up tattoo.

But you may also form a Victorian lady with a heavy skirt and a firm corset or dressed in one of the night dresses.

Vampire hand tattoo

She may appear to be vampiric with dark rings surrounding the eyes, fangs that are large exposed, the fingers’ claws.

An example is to display the fair haired lady who is wiping delicately from her lips the blood.

Vampire teeth with cherry tattoo

You may view yourself in such encouraging and strange qualities of these characters.

You may also be fascinated by their tradition.

Either which way, the vampire tattoos are a fabulous expression of these appealing qualities.