Vine Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The vine tattoos are perfect for the creativity of the artist and the tattoo wearer.

These beautiful plants symbolize growth and re-growth as well as harmony.

But the meanings have the tendency to change depending on the vine type to be used.

Grape vine back shoulder tattoo

One of the most viewed vine tattoos is the ivy plant.

For the Druids the ivy is viewed as a determination symbol.

For the Christians it symbolizes the frailty of man and his ever need for support.

Ivy vine arm tattoo

Most of the ivy vine tattoos are always done in a spiral manner going up an arm or a leg.

You may at times see the tattoos going up the shoulders and at the back.

Note that the ivy is a good grower and you may want to try out something that is a little bit different like covering it all over a cross or a statue or the hips, legs or arms of a pin up model.

Colourful grape vine back tattoo

You may want to utilize one leaf or the whole poison ivy vine to be able to signify both danger and beauty.

Vine arm tattoo

Some of the people like a bigger colour choice for the vine tattoos.

You may utilize big clumps of red Virginia creeper all over the body or delicate purple sprouts or the pink, white and red sweet pea or a crawling kudzu using the royal blue or dark purple shade or blossoms like a tail.

Light vine back tattoo

With the available wide array of vine tattoos it may be a burst of colours and present any plant combination.

These may be done in stripes or they may be combined together or put in one body part.

Vine side and arm tattoo

The vine tattoos may either be complicated or simple.

There are many people who like just a monotone approach and at times just a burst of colours on the flower.

These are always done in tiny and subtle patterns or just a few tendrils from a specific grapevine which symbolizes abundance or maybe a small fruit bunch beside it.

Vine twisting around arm tattoo

Some people prefer to form bigger scenes with their tattoos or forming an Edenic garden with creatures in the form of an angel that is walking through many vines.

Such plant is regularly utilized as platforms or borders to other images and at times the texts like quotes, poems and passages in a book.

Vine sleeve tattoo

Even if the vine tattoos may portray a simple plant which is green in colour crawling around and up.

They may be utilized as a piece of a unique picture.

And you will not be short of any symbolism and meaning whenever you utilize these beautiful plants in your art.