Warrior Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The warrior represents courage, strength, nobility and endurance.

Warrior tattoos are intended to show such characteristics in the tattoo wearer to be able to display the fight that he is making or just finished in their own life and also the passion in doing it.

Warrior arm tattoo

Most of the people will select the warrior’s realistic figure. But the type of figure that will be selected will vary.

Warrior woman tattoo

Two of the most ordinary figures in warrior tattoos are the Trojan and Viking warriors.

The Viking warrior has an earthy quality wherein he has sparse attire with cloth of light brown and his weapons are big, deadline and metallic.

Aztec warrior tattoo

He usually has a stern look and he has a big head with hair and long beard.

The Viking warrior may be wrapped in detailed designs of Celtic scroll work.

Samurai tattoo

Alternatively the Trojan warrior has a lot of exposed bare skin and with heavy armor with a large and colourful helmet.

He has lighter weapons but still menacing expression.

Ancient warrior tattoo

Japanese warrior tattoos are also well-known wherein the samurai warrior has such fascination for the western world.

There are many people who prefer to include this figure into their art.

Such images are always colourful and elaborated.

Warrior arm tattoo

They are much suitable into different scenes.

They present on a regular basis a warrior with a look that is about to attack with the poised weapon and flowing robes.

Asian warrior tattoo

The Aztec warrior is one of the less utilized but just the same brilliant warrior tattoos.

Such images always display a strong powerful human figure that is bounded by wings or with a big headdress with feathers.

He is usually displayed looking very serene upon the land and ready still to attack any minute.

Viking warrior tattoo

The warrior tattoos may usually be liberal.

But if you want anything simpler, the strength expression and power is still clear.