Water Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The water is beautiful and cleansing.

At times it may be calm and at times it may be turbulent. It is like fire; it may be life sustaining or may take life away.

Such innocent element has an unimaginable power.

Japanese style wave tattoo

And due to these reasons, the water tattoos became one of the most desired symbols.

But the water really has different places in myths, stories, astrology and religions and may be utilized in an infinite number of artistic portrayals.

Colourful shark at sea tattoo

There are many water tattoos presenting this element by itself.

For instance you may display waves that are frothy and covered around a leg or an arm.

You may also from a crescent that is shaped like a moon out of a rolling sea.

You may also form a whirlpool in the form of a spiral or a small lake or a simple blue water splash.

Mermaid in water tattoo

You may include other elements whether natural items or creatures like a dropping lily splashing in a lake or enclosing a hot sun with a pool of water full of bubbles or a gliding mermaid down a waterfall.

Ship at sea tattoo

It is ordinary to view the water tattoos that portray one of the stories that the water is included in.

One of the most well-known portrayals is Venus or Aphrodite appearing from the sea.

There are also stories wherein you may form a yin yang theme with blue water that is clear and clean.

Wave arm tattoo

There is also the dark and soiled water to represent the belief of Zoroastrian wherein the clean water is sacred and good while the water that is polluted is a symbol of evil and wickedness.

Blue ocean wave ribs tattoo

You may also form a stunning and vague Scottish myth of Ashrays image.

In the said story, such creatures were translucent in the entire manner and lived underwater.

You may utilize the blue outline in a fading manner of a human with white lines that are glimmering to be able to make the waves appear within.

Wave side tattoo

There are many people who like to make use of a Japanese style for their water tattoos.

Such styles range from woodblock to characters, from paintings to symbols.

There are many styles expressing flared slashes to symbolize a dash of water or may otherwise take an approach in the literal way as in the painting styles and in woodblock styles.

They are always done in blue and white tones but may also be viewed in orange, red and green.

Wave and sun tattoo

This element’s mutability makes the water tattoos a fabulous option if you want to be creative with your body art.

Its symbolism, beauty and appeal worldwide make it a fabulous overall option.