Wizard Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The wizards were known to be a mythology part for a long period of time already.

The wizard stories suggest the mystery and power image competing against other archetypes.

Colourful wizard arm tattoo

For many people the wizard tattoos called on this bewildering picture and they usually utilize it as a power expression they feel amongst themselves.

Wizard leg tattoo

There are many people who select wizard tattoos that display the old man with a long beard.

This figure is intended to symbolize a kind conjurer and is often viewed throwing a lightning bolt from a cane or making some predictions using a crystal ball.

Wizard tattoo

But some of the people make use of the wizard’s darker version wherein these characters normally have a threatening expression and displayed as starting chaos.

Black and white wizard tattoo

They usually present sinister figures like the demons, or the dragons that are breathing flames or at times the devil.

Wizard and castle tattoo

The wizard tattoos may be bent onto the well-known culture.

The wizard appearances in film and literature had popularity spikes over so many years and become well-known again recently.

Wizard leg tattoo

Some of the people prefer to make use of the scenes from these origins to be able to express their fondness and appreciation for the art that are entailed in these stories.

Frontal wizard tattoo

One of the fabulous items about wizard tattoos is that they are usually in a scene and relays the story.

The good wizard is in red or in purple or white robes that is standing on a mountain top and then shouting fire from the skies above.

The dark wizard is in black robes and is in deliberation with the portrayal of the devil.

Wizard with skull tattoo

There are countless methods to portray your wizard whether they are moving or just one figure enclosed by other symbols or whether they are evil or good.

Whatever you like, just ensure that a magical feeling and mystery is added to your body art.