Wolf Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The wolves have a double nature, soothing and aggressive, independent and devoted.

They have also various mythological beliefs and stories that are connected to them.

Due to these reasons, the wolf tattoos became a very pleasing art piece.

Wolf with native American woman tattoo

Even if the wolf type has the tendency to differ for each clan, there are many Native American tribes that utilize the wolf as an emblem of guidance and intellect.

The wolf tattoos presents a man that is led through a desert to go to his goal by a large wolf and may be a fabulous method to portray its significance.

Geometric wolf tattoo

For many tribes, the wolf is viewed in the star of Sirius.

Making use of an unclear wolf outline in profile with a bright orange or blue star for an eye is a great symbolization of this type.

Raging wolf tattoo

There are two appealing mythological ties that may be utilized in wolf tattoos.

These are that of the Celtic myth of the wolf that is ingesting greedily the sun and the Roman myth of Remus and Romulus taken care of by the mother wolf.

Watercolour wolf tattoo

For the Celtic version, a person may display the full body or the bust of the wolf not staring in a defiant manner but drinking the soft and almost fluidic sun.

Wolf and forest arm tattoo

For the myth of the Roman, you may portray the warm figure of a protective and drowsy female wolf that is gently covering the two small infants.

This design may be utilized also by the loving parents to represent their bonding with their children.

Wolf hand tattoo

Even if most of the wolf tattoos display the animal’s more peaceful side, there are others who prefer to display their aggressive side.

These tattoos may display the wolf’s angry side with the teeth showing in a rigid warning posture.

Wolf sleeve tattoo

One more example is the werewolf which is famous for its angry tendencies.

Such portrayal of man turning into beast may be displayed walking down the streets of a city under the moonlight.

They may also display the change between the wolf and the man.

Wolf and woman tattoo

Even if the wolf tattoos are at times utilized as a bold and forceful expression, most symbolize the familial or cultural ties.

Such designs are intended always to display the respect and love of nature and people alike.