Zodiac Symbol Tattoo Ideas & Designs

People always have the zodiac symbol tattoos to convey their belief in the astrology art.

They are forced to display their pride in their corresponding location in our solar system.

But there are different manners on how people handle this.

Cancer symbol tattoo

The simple designs are ordinary in zodiac symbol tattoos.

The small symbols showing the western zodiac symbols with waves for Aquarius, or an arrow for Sagittarius, among others, are lined up in black and are stylish, simple and easy to put anywhere.

Aries zodiac symbol tattoo

Another instance is the Chinese zodiac symbols which are in the same design but utilizes kanji script to indicate each of the specific sign.

Such tiny and extraordinary symbols may be transitioned easily into tribal tattoos like making the edges softer to make it into sharper ones and adding more red touches.

Capricorn symbol tattoo

Even if simplicity is a single alternative, there are many people who form a bigger display for their zodiac symbol tattoos.

They may utilize symbols or the literal sign translation.

Gemini symbol tattoo in colour

For example a Taurean may utilize a bull that is more aggressive looking through the skin with such a determined look or even a Gemini that forms a symbol of a set of embracing cherubic twins.

Leo and Cancer on scale tattoo

If a person is born on a cusp, they may select to mix both the tattoo and the zodiac signs therefore representing the signs’ energy.

Some also prefer to combine their sun, star and moon signs altogether so as to display the astrological influences of the full spectrum.

Leo symbol thigh tattoo

An appealing option for those people born between November 30th and December 17th is the Ophiuchus and is debated whether this truly is the 13th Zodiac sign.

However for those people with such eye for design and with intense interest this may be considered a fabulous idea.

Pisces wrist tattoo

Such sign is usually portrayed with a Greek-like god struggling with the serpent.

In the form of a symbol, it is viewed as a staff with wings and with two snakes curling around each other.

The staff is usually bounded by the zodiac wheel.

Taurus symbol back tattoo

The zodiac symbol tattoos are one of the many methods a person may convey their personal identity and may present one of the other items that contribute on who they really are.

The birth of a person and the stars will be maintained as the same even if everything in life transforms in a period of time.