People always want to know if a tattoo hurts and the truthful answer is that yes it does. 

The fact is thought that some parts of the body are more painful than others.

The following article will examine more closely how it actually feels to be having a tattoo.

This will allow you to have a better idea as to what to expect.

Having a tattoo is probably going to be more than a little uncomfortable; it is going to hurt at least a little.

What does it feel like to get a tattoo?

One way of describing it is that it is similar to being stung by a swarm of bees simultaneously.

It can actually hurt more getting the colouring put in than the outline which often hurts less.

People will also often ask the question about whether a tattoo still hurts after the work has been completed.

This is another yes I’m afraid; at least this is many people’s experience anyway.

Some people claim that it does hurt not only during the actual tattoo process but also for a while afterwards.

Other times you can have a tattoo that is really painful while you are getting it, but then there will be little or no pain afterwards.

Some people conclude that the more painful the place is where you are getting a tattoo the less it will hurt afterwards.

Hopefully the above information will give you some idea about how it feels to get a tattoo.

It is not only the pain though that people are interested in when it comes to their tattoo.

They might also be curious as to the amount of blood that will be lost from having needles stuck in your body.

If you are having a tattoo you will lose some blood.

In most cases this will just be a small amount.

It will depend on the person and the size of the tattoo; if you are having a really large tattoo then there could be quite a lot of blood.

It is important to realize that after the tattoo is finished the skin around the area is going to be really red and irritated.

This is perfectly normal and to be expected; there is no need to get too worried about this.

This redness will settle down after a few hours.

In most tattoo parlours they will cover your arm up with some type of bandage after you have finished; this is there to protect it.

When you later remove this bandage you might see some pus on it; don’t worry because a little pus is to be expected.

You will want to put on the cream provided by the tattoo artist as instructed because this helps with the healing process and ensures that your tattoo will look good when all the healing is complete.

You will have to do this for a week or so after you have had your tattoo applied.

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